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Top Local Databases For React Native Mobile App Development In 2021

Top Local Databases For React Native Mobile App Development In 2021

React Native is one of the main options for developing cross-platform applications. The quickest mobile app development is also a cost-efficient solution. In recent years, the demand for react native app development has grown considerably. First offline apps that are easily scalable are requested for development by developers.

Hire Mobile App Developers in India have thought about the platform and technology stack to create an efficient React Native app. React Native database (DB) is the backbone of the application, so proper due diligence should be exercised.

What to Know Before Choosing React Native Database?

The Complexity of the Data

The default option is the key-value storage for multiple client and server-side scripts. Most of the keys and values must be kept in series by a library or a Hire React Native developer in India. Serialization may, however, cause major problems and interruptions to the application performance, particularly when working in a smartphone's resource-limited environment with a complex data set.

A database is therefore chosen to help you store more complex data than key-value pairs such as objects and complete documents.

Number of Lines of Code

You should not be looking for an advanced database when more than 20 lines of code have to write a CRUD operation. Advanced databases for the development of React Native apps will complicate coding and also have significant consequences on DB's performance. The cost of reacting to Native development can also be increased. In addition, it only slows down the processing of multiple code lines.

Therefore, avoid using advanced databases which can slow down the release speed and reduce the app experience.

Synching of the Offline Data

You should have a simple database for applications that are less complex and do not involve multiple users. It would work better together with simple synchronized features. In the presence of an Internet connection, these applications can easily be synced with a server.

However, you need to use a complex database to make seamlessly synchronized when collaborating with one of the main features of your application. Apps such as Trello use complex databases to ensure the synchronization of all documents on each device.

Handling Data Conflicts and Concurrency

The possibility of a data conflict depends directly on the number of collaborative features of your application. A database sharing conflict management policies on the repository pages or the website is recommended. To fully understand how databases handle synchronization and conflicts, read database documents. Check also the compromise that is done and how your application can be affected.

Memory Management

Because of poor memory management, your app can crash. Compaction is one of the most common memory management processes. It removes data or documents not used anymore. This process ensures that free memory is always available at any time.

These 5 factors give you an idea of which mobile application to choose the local React Native Database.

Top Local Databases for React Native App Development

  1. Realm
  2. Firebase
  3. SQLite
  4. PouchDB
  5. Async Storage 
  6. Watermelon DB
  7. Vaser 
  8. BerkeleyDB 

In Summary

In addition to the best locally available React Native App development databases mentioned above, developers are also developing mobile applications using other multi-backend tools. The correct Response Native database depends on the type of project. Contact our experts from React to understand how we can help you.

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Hire Dedicated Offshore and Onshore Development Team

Hire Dedicated Offshore and Onshore Development Team

DxMinds Innovation Labs has a team of highly experienced developers who can work together with the best-in-class solution for your unique project idea. The hire our dedicated development team is the main source of cost-effectiveness for your plans and businesses.

The certified and experience of our dedicated development providers are end-to-end mobile app and Web development solutions for startups worldwide. Increase your team by hiring our highly qualified and experienced developers and designers to help you develop complex software solutions according to your needs.

Various Technology Competency of Our Developers

A large pool of certified and highly qualified developers is offered by DxMinds. The deep knowledge and expertise of our developers are several technologies.

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What Made DxMinds The Best App Development Company in Hyderabad

What Made DxMinds The Best App Development Company in Hyderabad

Mobile app development is gaining huge popularity this day as the need for apps are skyrocketing tremendously. Things have turned out in becoming such a pattern that it's hard for organizations and enterprises to thrive hard in this tech-savvy era without a full-fledged mobile app. Few of the reasons why mobile apps gained huge popularity these days is because of the features it comes up with and the advantages it offers. Apps act as a unique tool that bridges the gap between businesses and their customers. It offers them anything and everything that is mandatory to scale their business in an exponential manner.

Hyderabad is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. It is also home to a wide array of digital transformation and mobile app development companies. Hyderabad plays a huge role in helping organizations onboard digitalization. Top mobile app development companies in Hyderabad like DxMinds Innovation Labs have played a huge role in helping the city gain such a position. DxMinds is not just a random app development company in Hyderabad, but one of the best. But how they were able to make it? Well, that’s our topic for the day. We will cross-examine various factors that have made DxMinds one of the best mobile app development companies in Hyderabad. Let us get started.

Why DxMinds is the best apps developers in Hyderabad?

There exist a handful of reasons that have made DxMinds in being the best mobile app development company in Hyderabad. Let’s have a look at what they are:

Leadership Management

Team DxMinds is led by industry leaders, technologists, and mentors who have been in the technology space for decades. Their skill sets and domain experience have always come the way for DxMinds in becoming the top mobile app development company in Hyderabad. Moreover, the founder of DxMinds Mr. Bhabani Sankar Jena is a notable professional in the space and has won several achievements including Delloite Fast50 India Awards.


DxMinds stick to high-level professionalism and ethics in every project they undertake, no matter what. This has helped them in gaining the trust of global clients and has helped them scale operations to various other nations.

Technology Expertise

The modern-day approach towards the mobile app development process is all about technology integration that too in the most flexible and adaptable manner. At DxMinds, integrating technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, AR/VR/MR, etc. is not at all a big deal.

Experienced resources

The backbone of DxMinds Innovation labs is their well-experienced professionals varying from developers, project managers to testers, designers, and customer relationship managers. You can see a perfect blend of processes and business units at DxMinds to deliver the best possible customer experience. This also is a major factor that helped DxMinds in becoming number one.

Flexible engagement models

One of the other major factors that made DxMinds a pioneer Mobile app development company in Hyderabad is its engagement models. They uphold a wide array of engagement models ranging from ODC to BOT and turnkey & Co-owned projects.


We hope you had a rough idea of the role played by DxMinds among other random app development companies in Hyderabad and how they are helping businesses transform the end-to-end processes. However, if you are the one to look forward to avail of full-fledged digital transformation services, you can reach out to DxMinds:

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how mobile app solutions help battle the pandemic?

how mobile app solutions help battle the pandemic?

Many people face many changes in their way of life due to the pandemic. In this period of the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, but business owners have low business incomes. All of these effects led to extreme pressure between people, which made survival difficult.

As far as more people were concerned by the pandemic, IT people were given more opportunities to explore their skills and experiences. Designers and programmers had to consider practical ways to enhance their lives and to give more people hope in many fields of career.

The main objective of the mobile apps was to bring together people across online platforms, provide advice on precautions and support digital companies to keep life going as usual. This is why every programmer and app developer played a major role.

App developers had to utilize their expertise and experience to develop app solutions to support large-scale society. During this period the application included applications for collecting personal data from people, health management apps, and business-related applications to maintain the economy.

In this blog post, we will discuss how mobile app solutions help battle the pandemic.

How mobile applications helping to battle the pandemic

Apps for Tracking Objects

When the pandemic occurred, we could not all understand what we were supposed to be living in our home. Here technology helps us differently, there is an element in tracking the positive test results of a person or people that you interact with.

The idea behind this survey is to get people and insulate them to prevent more people from spreading this virus. Therefore it is difficult to trace the people, because people have many activities from place to place, without the right technology, and with important mobile app solutions.

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Apps for self-analysis

At times, symptoms alone can be difficult to find the outcome. To find out a human's health condition needs an additional self-analysis step. This is why developers want to look at these kinds of applications in the future.

The users can use the app, perform a self-analysis test and accumulate the correct situation of their health, rather than visiting a clinic or a hospital.

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Apps for Information purposes

When the world faces another panic situation, everybody should regularly and constantly update the events. People need guidance and advice on what to do if a particular situation arises.

This is why it is compulsory to obtain information. Programmers and developers should consider developing the best mobile app awareness solutions for people in difficult times.

Apps for Health Consultation

Worldwide the mortal and contagious virus attacks, organizations and countries advise people to avoid social events, physical contact and maintain hygiene. This is the time when you have to seek healthcare when you feel very sick; you can make use of mobile app solutions from the Health Consultation to help the experts in this specific field understand your situation and provide you with extensive advice and measures.

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One thing to remember: the difficult time needed innovation and creativity. In this outbreak of the pandemic, technology has developed many unique and innovative ways that have helped us to deal with the current situation in many ways.

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Top Mobile Apps Created Using Angular Frameworks That Sets Example For Us


Top Mobile Apps Created Using Angular Frameworks That Sets Example For Us

Mobile apps have several frameworks to build the best apps, and one of them is Angular. Of course, where Google is involved, it has to be the best. Angular is an excellent framework for developing web apps that are rich and efficient on one page. Despite the coming of newer frames, this framework has recently gained momentum; its popularity did not slow down.


This blog focuses on some of Angular's best features that include unbelievable mobile apps and a seamless user experience. Some famous apps developed using Angularjs will be listed. Angular apps are wide-ranging and functional. Angular apps are versatile and provide super-fast loading and superior UI/UX performance. They are robust.


Introduction To Angular


AngularJS is maintained by Google and is a framework to build robust web applications. This open-source JavaScript framework is designed to enhance MVC capabilities for web-based applications. This makes developing and testing faster. This open-source framework enables you to expand HTML vocabulary and syntax to concisely and clearly express your applications.


In 2010, Google created AngularJS as one of the oldest frameworks for the mobile app development. The new version of AngularJS was released by Google in 2016 and has since become known as Angular.

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Important Features Of Angular You Should Be Aware Of


Some of the features of Angular are unique and able to use by mobile app developers. Let's have a look! 


1. Low Code


This can be one of the best, as no developer wishes to write extended codes to complete the work. This is why this framework is preferred by developers. Angular reduces the coding to connect MVC components separately from other front-end technologies.


2. Model-view-controller Planning


In MVC Planning, Angular is developed. The data of the app is controlled by the model and the display is controlled by the view component. Both are coordinated by the controller. MVC architecture allows application developers to split the application and to connect the script code.


3. Command Line Interface (CLI)


This is one of the industry's top CLIs that delivers advanced features that reduce exhaustion in JavaScript and automate development. This framework helps developers prevent all dependencies from being installed and configured.


4. Component Development Kit (CDK)


This is a top front-end language that upgrades to your CDK. The most recent angular CDK features are virtual scrolling and refreshing. Virtual scrolling makes it easier to load and unload DOM elements to create a massive list of high-performance data.


5. TypeScript


This provides app developers with a smooth experience and is the ideal choice for front-end development. The detection of bugs and the reduction in developing times are super-efficient. This function naturally includes the configuration of the root file for simple compilation.


6. Directives


This is the most difficult function. Using directives, you can produce personalized HTML tags as custom widgets. This feature is also used by app developers to enhance behavioral elements.


7. 2-Way Data Binding


This feature reduces the development time of the application, in particular since the Model & Layer is fully synchronized. The View quickly reflects all modifications you make for the model layer. This makes it easy to make changes.


Most Popular Applications Built With Angular Framework


1. Microsoft Office


This app probably has to be used by you. Free access to all top-class applications, such as Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. Angular makes it easy for all primary OS features, such as iOS, Android, and Windows, to access.


2. PayPal - Money App & eWallet


The international payment system has been stormed by PayPal. This app provides extreme security for the user and only enables e-mail addresses for online payments. Nothing else needs to be revealed to the payer.


This app has more than 300 users and can handle highly secure transactions. With enhanced integration functionality, angular tech makes this possible. Due to its fast, smooth, and secure checkouts, PayPal is popular today.


3. YouTube TV - Watch & Record Live TV


Google launched in 2017, provides its users with reasonable access to multiple live programmers. Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One, Fire TV, and others are available on YouTube TV. This platform allows users to record live streaming content with unlimited storage for up to 9 months.


4. Gmail - Secure, Fast, & Organized Email App


This is the most used e-mail service in the world that Angular has chosen to build a mobile application. The robust and subtle features of Gmail's corner frame are all blessings. This app is simple to use and can be quickly loaded, offline, and easily used by the user.


5. Forbes Magazine App


The name Forbes itself requires quality. Forbes helps Angular to deliver this quality. Now more than 100 years old, this magazine has managed to print and digital media well. It ensures that your digital magazines look as impressive as printed copies. The Angular framework ensures that the digital coverage on mobile apps, web applications, and desktops looks incredible.


Final Thoughts


You know what your choice would be when it comes to developing premium apps after looking at these 5 examples of worldwide renowned applications. It depends, of course, on the requirements, and there are several factors to consider, but you know it is a very good choice to offer your users a phenomenal mobile application experience.

 If you are looking to hire dedicated angular js developers in India for next project development? You can contact and communicate your ideas with our experts at DxMinds Innovation Labs when you plan to deliver an app for your business and look for the right mobile app development company in Bangalore, India for this purpose. Your expectations will correspond to your talented pool of developers.

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